Sunday, 26 July 2009

What got me off today

Sunday: a bout of morning sex with the special lady was nice (but I am never fully awake first thing in the morning!) and now she has gone out, I am horny again.

I am going to write more fantasy fiction for the lady blogger after this (which will no doubt get me rock hard again) but in the meantime, enjoy these photos featuring a woman who adores oral sex and swallowing. I think for men there is something fascinating about the act of swallowing as it accepts (and is eager for) the very liquid essence of our masculinity.

This is Bek. She is married but not to the guy you will see later on. First she plays with herself for his delight, sliding a vibrator into her pussy and rubbing her clit. Here she is about to cum.

The guy gets hard and Bek sucks him off. Now this guy is a very heavy cummer and Bek likes to feel a man cum in her mouth. His first spurts take her by surprise, splashing her face and chest with force.

As he continues to ejaculate hard, Bek catches every spurt in her mouth and it pools under her tongue which is lapping at the underside of his cock. Her hands pump his shaft to milk every last drop from him.

I love the way she looks up at him with big eyes. By now this guy has cum very hard into the mouth of another man's wife and knows that she is holding his sperm in her mouth and doesn't want to waste a drop of his juice. His first spurt of cum is now rolling down her cheek like a tear.

Still holding his cock, she has a mouthful of cum and she swallows it down.

All gone!

She smiles - happy guy and happy lady!

You've got mail...

Fridays are never much fun but I managed to spice things up whilst emailing K. She is about 33 ish and I met her at an event in a few months back. Facially she is ordinary but has a great figure and was dressed in a tight black skirt suit and black high heeled 'fuck-me' boots which just about covered the tatoos on both her calves. Now I get intrigued when people have tattoos or piercings especially in areas covered by clothing, so my mind ran riot imagining what else she may have.

Anyway, I have persuaded her to come to an event later in the year so we will meet up then. Plenty of cheeky flirting went on (well as much as you can type on a work email) but a pleasant day dream none the less.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The perils of social networking sites - a cautionary tale

At work we advise all our staff to be cautious about what goes on facebook, bebo twitter, flickr etc. I did a random trial and googled the name of someone who emailed me. She is an ordinary civil servant who I may or may not meet at a meeting at the end of the year.

But look on Google images and I found her taking camera phone images of herself in underwear. Not indecent but maybe not what she wants work colleagues seeing?

Google your own name and check!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Orgasm Slot

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

When I should have been in the garden or repairing something, I have been writing a long saucy story for a lady who I hope will appreciate it. So I am very turned on now.
A feature of this blog is that while I do share some porn / erotic material (call it what you will) I prefer the more genuine stuff, no faked orgasms or unconvincing 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

If I post an orgasm pic here, I guarantee it is a capture of a genuine orgasm on the video. It's just so much more erotic seeing someone actually cum.

I love the way that these two women are staring into each others eyes. The one doing the rubbing is the more experienced of the two and is taking control and bringing her partner off to a back arching climax that we see in the second photo. There is something quite intense in looking into someones eyes and holding their gaze as you approach and then achieve orgasm. That's what one lover told me as we held each others gaze & attention as I was up on straight arms thrusting into her and she watched me as I came inside her.

Anyway, enjoy these two photos;
She whispers and holds the other girl's gaze as she expertly rubs her pussy.

She cums hard, her back arching and hands clutching the sheet as she climaxes


Welcome Home!

As you know I was away for a week and missing my special lady (hence all the wanking!). I was dog tired when I got back so I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to anything when I got home. However, just seeing her beautiful face and holding her close reminded me how right we are for one another (and how she turns me on).

We went upstairs and lay on the bed and kissed and stroked one another. I love her big boobs and spent a long time gently kissing and licking around her nipples before taking them into my mouth to suck and pull on with my lips. She loves this and soon she was getting wet. I kissed down her belly and nuzzled amongst her soft hair. My tongue snaked through her lips and found her swelling clitoris amidst the slick lips.

I spent ages licking her pussy (I had missed her!) and after a while I slipped a finger inside and moved it around, first playing with her sensitive entrance and then curling upwards to her G spot whilst I lapped at her clitoris. Soon she came and I kept fingering her as she came to make her orgasm last longer.

She was too sensitive for any more foreplay (although I would have happily licked her some more) so I climbed up the bed, my hard on running up the inside of her thigh until it met the warm damp entrance it sought. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her softly and eased my cock into her just a little.

I moved in and out a little to get my shaft wet with her juices and proceeded to push in and out of her tight wet pussy as I relished the feeling of her around my cock. If I don’t penetrate her fully I can thrust away for ages, so I concentrated on enjoying being inside her and making sure that my cock rubbed against her clit as I went in and out.

I wanted to cum in her so I shifted position and entered her completely. I love the feeling of being balls deep inside her. I think it must pull my foreskin back (which heightens sensation at the tip) and also, as I am not going in and out in thrusts, the tip of my cock swirls around in the depths of her vagina, brushing against her cervix and there is a part of me that when touched by her, makes me climax.

So I was fully inside her, holding her, kissing her, feeling like I was pinning to the bed with my cock deep inside her when I began to cum. I gasped out and arched my back forward, pushing hard into her as I shot my load inside her. My body spasmed several times, each time, unloading more cum into her until I was spent.
We kissed and cuddled. It’s good to be home!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Proper cum face

I love this husband & wife couple from the internet. She is pretty, buxom and adores oral sex and her hubby's sperm. She turns herself on by playing with her large tits as he films her. She cups them, tweaks her nipples and squeezes her boobs.

Then he fucks her on their bed. He is muscular and quite well endowed. He lifts her ankles up over his shoulders and eases his shaft into her exposed pussy. He gazes into her eyes as he slides deep into her until his balls touch her arse cheeks.
After a while they move to her favourite position - doggy style. Soon she is having her first orgasm - here is her cum face as she climaxes with him pounding into her.

After she cums, she lays on the bed and helps him wank off onto her face. She loves the smell and feel of his spunk on her face. He cums ropes of sperm that collect on her face.

Then he uses his cockhead to rub his cum all over her face. He rubs it on both cheeks, around her mouth and over her top lip so she can smell him every time she inhales.

Now covered in her husbands ejaculated semen, she holds a vibrator against her clitoris and

lets it take her to ecstacy. She is so turned on she doesn't need to rub or insert it. She just holds it against herself through her underwear. She climaxes a second time as the vibrator tips her over the edge. Her eyes roll back and her neck arches in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

As she climaxes, she breathes faster and deeper and the aphrodisiac scent of her husbands cum fills her nostrils every time, adding to her pleasure.

Finally she stops cumming, opens her eyes and looks up at her husband.She relaxes and a smile comes to her face.

Eventually she can sit up, still feeling light headed after her orgasm and still with her husband's cum on her face, she turns off the vibrator.

Hope you enjoyed that!

Three times in a day!

Back home now after a week in the sun - working I assure you. there was a carload of us visiting sites we operate in Europe. It was great being in the hot sun, seeing gorgeous women in bikinis and shorts. That combined with the warmth made me very horny, I can tell you. I remember talking to a work colleague while she stood in front of me in beach shorts and a bikini top. She was tanned and I made a real effort to keep eye contact throughout but occasionally as she looked at a guy we were both talking to I swear I could see the dark shape around her nipples showing through the material of her bikini.

So I decided to take off the hillside behind where we were staying. I walked up in the woods to where I was sure I would not be disturbed. In the 35 degree heat of the afternoon, I found some shade under the trees and stripped naked. I carried on reading a book - one of those you get at motorway service stations and my cock began to grow.

I slowly wanked there in the dappled shade of the trees just 10 yards from a path and as the heroine in the book reached her climax, so did I. I didn't catch my cum in a tissue as I wanted to just shoot all over the woodland floor, letting my seed fall to the ground in long strings of spunk from the swollen tip of my engorged, jerking cock. I came out in a sweat again as I smeared the last oozes of cum over the head of my cock.

That evening we left and headed 40 mins across the countryside to the next site we had to visit. We stayed off site in a small hotel in the village. After a long day (and a hot walk up the hillside) I was glad to have a shower in my room. Again I settled down with the book but after a while was distracted by the sounds of splashing water on the other side of the wall. My female collegue was taking a shower. I imagined her naked under the cool water. Her body soapy and wet, nipples standing out erect, rubbing herself all over. I came hard and long over the tiles of the shower room. 2nd orgasms always seem more intense than the first and this was no exception.

After a long evening in the bar with my colleagues, I head up for bed, a bit tipsy and still not yet ready to go to sleep. As I have to have the window open due to the heat and don't want to attract mosquitoes to the light, rather than switch the light on and read, I lay on the bed naked and listen to my MP3 player which has some erotic stories on. I must admit what with the alcohol and the fact that I had already cum twice that day, it took a while but the build up was intense and the relief when I finally orgasmed was fantastic. I certainly slept well. You may wish to listen to the story that made me cum:

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sybian orgasm

See her straddling the sybian; eyes closed in ecstacy and the sybian's vibrating, rotating G spot stimulating probe inside her vagina. Boyfriend is close by, kissing her.

Boyfriend then holds her arms back and presses her clit onto the vibrating platform she is riding and she starts to orgasm.

And then a massive orgasm wracks her body and she gasps out in pleasure.
I will be away with work for a week but will blog again next weekend.
See you soon.

Another lube trial - egg white!

Yes you heard right. I had often wondered what the slippy white of an egg would feel like on my cock so I decided to find out. I was a bit concerned it might end up like a meringuey mess.

Carefully I separated out the white from the yolk. I decided to contain it in a latex sleeve I use for wanking. I slipped my cock in and it was lovely and slippery. Certainly good mrks for the feel and slipperiness of it. I tried regular wanking with it but it did tend to dry up quite quick;y so I reverted to thrusting into the egg-white filled latex sleeve. It flet great and my cock was swelling up really hard and looking very red and big on the head so I knew I wouldn't last much longer. The slipperiness of the egg-white in the smooth latex sleeve (actually a rubber swimming sock) felt quite realistic and I imagined being balls deep in my favourite pussy, feeling my cock head swirl around the depths of her channel, brushing her cervix in a way that tips me over the edge....and I came hard, shooting 3 long spurts of my protein into the egg white protein.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Girls do it too

Just a little something to show that girls sit around and wank too:
Sitting around in the armchair, watching porn and masturbating.

And caught here right at the moment of orgasm - fantastic!

See you soon

Definitely lube!

This one is definitely a good masturbation lube. A shaving oil that contains menthol to coll the skin when shaving. As an oil it is nice and slippery around the exposed head of my cock and the menthol added a cooling tingle that was rather nice. As an oil it won't dry out so you donlt have to stop stroking or in this case yesterday, rubbing my first two fingers in an upturned "V" over the exposed helmet ridge on my cock.

It gives a fantastic feeling - really sensitive - the best way I can describe it is like white noise - lots of sensation - and here's the great part - it doesn;t seem to stimulate the nerves that make you cum too quick! So I can rub away and edge for ages until eventually I cum in the most powerful spurts.

Nuage Shaving Oil, 99p at your local chemists and innocent looking in your bathroom cabinet or washbag!

Share and enjoy!

Toys for the girls

We all know that there are hundreds of different sex toys around (mostly for the girls by the way...) and occasionally something catches my eye. The Rock chick did exactly that - a female sex toy that doesn't look like a willy! It promises hands free g-spot orgasms (OK, so now do I have your attention?). And while the internet is jam packed with media of other toys being inserted, ridden and generally played with, I have't found much of this device in use. Take a look at what I have found:

If anyone has personal experience of the rock chick, I would like to hear...


Monday, 6 July 2009

Welcome one and all!

Inspired by wonderful blogs (see my list) I have finally joined here. I used to blog at Heaven Blogs (hello again Robin!) but that site is defunct.

I intend to record and share my thoughts, desires, fantasies and experiences that distract me from the mundane parts of the working day (hence the title - well I thought it sounded clever)

I will touch upon what turns me on and how I like to get off and get others off (for the masturbation conoisseurs out there).

I will continue a feature from my old blog "Lube / not lube" for those who like to experiment with lubrication.
Very occasionally I will share little gems from the web that I think are a bit better than the norm. What I really like is for a woman to enjoy herself totally and be satisfied (ahh what a gent!) and a proper female orgasm always turns me on. This photo from a movie I have shows that when you are truly having a great time, it rarely looks flattering - but hey!
Do say hi