Saturday, 18 July 2009

Three times in a day!

Back home now after a week in the sun - working I assure you. there was a carload of us visiting sites we operate in Europe. It was great being in the hot sun, seeing gorgeous women in bikinis and shorts. That combined with the warmth made me very horny, I can tell you. I remember talking to a work colleague while she stood in front of me in beach shorts and a bikini top. She was tanned and I made a real effort to keep eye contact throughout but occasionally as she looked at a guy we were both talking to I swear I could see the dark shape around her nipples showing through the material of her bikini.

So I decided to take off the hillside behind where we were staying. I walked up in the woods to where I was sure I would not be disturbed. In the 35 degree heat of the afternoon, I found some shade under the trees and stripped naked. I carried on reading a book - one of those you get at motorway service stations and my cock began to grow.

I slowly wanked there in the dappled shade of the trees just 10 yards from a path and as the heroine in the book reached her climax, so did I. I didn't catch my cum in a tissue as I wanted to just shoot all over the woodland floor, letting my seed fall to the ground in long strings of spunk from the swollen tip of my engorged, jerking cock. I came out in a sweat again as I smeared the last oozes of cum over the head of my cock.

That evening we left and headed 40 mins across the countryside to the next site we had to visit. We stayed off site in a small hotel in the village. After a long day (and a hot walk up the hillside) I was glad to have a shower in my room. Again I settled down with the book but after a while was distracted by the sounds of splashing water on the other side of the wall. My female collegue was taking a shower. I imagined her naked under the cool water. Her body soapy and wet, nipples standing out erect, rubbing herself all over. I came hard and long over the tiles of the shower room. 2nd orgasms always seem more intense than the first and this was no exception.

After a long evening in the bar with my colleagues, I head up for bed, a bit tipsy and still not yet ready to go to sleep. As I have to have the window open due to the heat and don't want to attract mosquitoes to the light, rather than switch the light on and read, I lay on the bed naked and listen to my MP3 player which has some erotic stories on. I must admit what with the alcohol and the fact that I had already cum twice that day, it took a while but the build up was intense and the relief when I finally orgasmed was fantastic. I certainly slept well. You may wish to listen to the story that made me cum:

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