Friday, 20 November 2009

Another hotel room...

On my own working away from home in the week. I perused some porn and got hard. My lube of choice tonight was menthol shaving oil. A few drops rubbed around my helmet gave a good slick feeling but not too slippery - still good friction and the menthol gave a tingle but not too much.

After a while of rubbing my fingers around my oiled helmet, I slipped a finger up my backside - something I rarely do (not a big fan of back door stuff but occasionally you get too horny and try it). Incredibly my prostate was really pronounced and swollen so I gave it a bit of a rub (difficult while reaching round) and stimulated myself from both ends.

It felt great and eventually I let myself come - a great relief as usual but I new that a second cum after a rest would be better.

After a rest, I lay back and plugged myself into my mp3 player. The audio I listened to is part relaxation and part arousal that will get a male hard and cumming in 10 minutes. Guys you have to try it! It certainly brought life back to my cock and I managed to cum exactly as the sensually voiced woman in the audio told me to. Really hard and gasping out loud!

The same author does one (in a male voice) for women:
And one for multiple orgasms apparently!


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