Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Whilst out Xmas shopping in a cook shop, I discovered these:

Silicone sleeves for putting over hot sauce pan handles. At only £3.50 I had to see if it would be a good sex toy.
I carefully turned it inside out so the nodules were against my cock. It is just the right size to slide my lubricated cock into. Silicone is flexible but doesn't stretch like latex. It even form,s a vacuum over my erect cock and hugs the tip of my penis as I slide it in and out.
If you'll excuse me, I have to go shoot my load again!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Remembering Angela...

Angela was a big beautiful woman I knew in my late 20s. She was around 25 years old, probably a size 20 or larger and had strawberry blonde hair. She hung around the activity centre where I worked and I think she enjoyed flirting and shocking the younger male staff. In me she found the only guy who wasn’t put off by her overt flirting and I saw her as incredibly sexual. We would sit in the bar talking and trying to out-flirt each other.

Eventually our dirty talk took us upstairs and we found an empty dorm late one night. We both stripped off and Angela got down on her knees in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. She made me feel like a Greek god and that all she wanted to do was to satisfy me. The sight of her kneeling before me made me feel aroused and dominant as she rocked backwards and forwards to slide my erection in and out of her wet mouth. She was working up a sweat for us both. Her big tits were slapping against her body and she clung on to my thighs for leverage as she sucked me. This was the first real time that a woman had sucked me like she actually wanted to give me pleasure, nothing else but please me and it felt amazing.

Soon I felt an orgasm approaching so I did the considerate thing and told her she was going to make me cum in case she wanted to take my cock out of her mouth. Angela just kept going and if anything getting faster. She kept her furious pace sliding her lips up and down my shaft as I came hard, ejaculating into her mouth. She just swallowed down each jet of my spunk and only slowed when I went soft on her tongue. I told her that she had just given me the best blow job ever and she appreciated that.

I kissed Angela and we wiped the sweat off each other. I laid her down on the lower bed of a bunk bed and spread her generous thighs. I loved the musky smell of her sweat and of her arousal. I spent a few minutes licking her soft pink labia before she insisted on sucking me again.

To add to the thrill, she tied my hands to the bed posts and sucked me for a while until I was hard again. Then I got out a condom and slowly eased it onto my throbbing shaft while Angela laid back and held her thighs wide apart for me. I will never forget 2 things. Firstly the warm clinging sensation of her pussy as I eased my cock into her velvet smooth, hot liquid pussy. The second was the noise that came from the back of her throat. It was like a soft growling, sensual purring of delight as my cockhead slid deeper into the recesses of her vagina and eventually nestled against her womb.

Now it was my turn to make sure she received the pleasure and I made sure she could see as well as feel me, kneeling over her prone figure working my muscular body hard, driving into her wet pussy. As I fucked her, I chewed on her nipples. I later found out that Angela got off on a little pain and being slightly dominated and having her nipples twisted actually quite hard made her very slippery downstairs. With Angela purring and growling in ecstacy I kissed her in a long wet French kiss and then filled the condom with my second load of sperm that night.

Another time after locking up the bar we headed for a gym area with lots of padded crash mats. We stripped off and fucked in every position. I entered her from behind, holding her big bottom and thrusting into her. I put her knees up to her shoulders and took her deeply. Angela was moaning out load and being quite vocal. She was a bit exhibitionistic and knew that other staff members would be able to hear us from their rooms as she got screwed.

Another time we explored some phone sex type kinks playing on her submissiveness. I wrote a questionnaire asking lots of really personal, intimate questions about her sex life and fantasies and phoned her up making her answer them over the phone like I was asking what brand of breakfast cereal she bought. “How many lovers have you had?”, “Where do you like a man to ejaculate on your body?”, “Would you like a man to fuck you in your bottom?”.

We had an on / off friendship with benefits but the sex was always something special.

More to follow....