Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Some time to myself...

Never understimate how good it is to take some time out from everyday life. last night I did just that and with all my chores done, I settled back to watch this couple make out. There is a real chemistry as they seduce one another. Ultimately, they do anal which she actually enjoys and then the guy goes on do several facials (OK a concession to commercial porn).

She starts off by sucking him......

And she does a pretty good job of deep throating him.
Next he enters her and I love the way her legs are spread wide, exposing herself to him as he burys his cock in her pussy
She wraps her legs around him as he thrusts into her.

Now she straddles him and rides her man. She is clearly enjoying it.

Next she presents her gorgeous pert ass up for him and he slips into her from behind.

She curves her back and pushes back at him as he goes deep into her pussy, making her gasp and moan.

TO BE installment - she takes him in her bottom