Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Liandra's Lover

This is Liandra Dahl. She is a very sexy woman of Aussie/Brit descent.  She has a great website which I love

You can see a softcore example of her sensuality and lovemaking here:
Liandra plays with women mostly but tries a bit of everything...One of my favourite scenes is her with a magnificently physiqued Frenchman.  She has set up a camera on a tripod in her Amsterdam flat so they can fuck on the sofa and be filmed. They start by sensuously kissing. She is petite with great curves. He is tall and muscular.

Peeling off his trousers she frees his stiff cock and takes his cock-head into her mouth to suck him.  He watches her as he feels Liandra's tongue swirling around his helmet.

Off come his underwear and Liandra kneels between his legs to take him fully into her wet mouth to get him fully erect.

Gazing into his eyes she peels off her knickers. What a gorgeous bum!

Next she rolls a condom down his long shaft...

...and they kiss some more as she wanks his cock to keep it hard.  He reaches behind her and fingers her wet pussy.

With the condom wrapper still on the sofa, Liandra guides his erection between her parted lips and inside of  her for the first time.

She watches his face intently as he eases himself back and forth gently and then starts to fuck her.

They kiss passionately again as his hips slide back and forth. She raises her legs up for deeper entry into her silky wet depths.

Liandra is really getting fucked really fast now and as his cock rubs against the base of her clitoris, she orgasms.

Liandra switches position and he guides his shaft into her, doggy style.

Adjusting slightly he is able to really dominate Liandra's petite frame and slam home his cock using all the force of his athletic body for maximum leverage. Liandra braces herself on her hands and knees.

With each thrust, his balls bounce off her exposed, engorged pussy lips and sensitive clit.  In this deeply penetrating position, there is nothing to stop his cock entering all the way into Liandra and brushing the neck of her womb. Clenching his buttocks he ejaculates hard and only the thin rubber of the condom protects Liandra's womb from being drenched in his seed.

After a short rest he wanks his cock to erection again whilst sliding his middle finger into Liandra's wet pussy. She massages her clitoris ready for him to take her to her second climax.

Soon a new condom is slipped on and he is inside her once more. He builds up a great rhythm and they kiss as Liandra gets close to cumming.

Liandra, impaled on his pistoning shaft tips over the brink and her eyes close as her orgasm crashes over her.

Liandra's sobs of pleasure and her contracting pussy drive him to another ejaculation.  His back arches and his buttocks clench as he tries to drive his climaxing cock as far inside her tiny body as he can get it.

In the afterglow of sex, Liandra and her French lover chat while she sips wine.

I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know