Sunday, 27 February 2011

Leeds hotel fun - 3 orgasms

Hi all, I know it's been forever since I blogged. Apologies, so busy here. I thought I would share tales of solo exploits since I have another 2 trips coming up - Newcastle and London which I am looking forward to getting away for some fun.

I had a 7th floor room in my Leeds hotel and I set my laptop up so i could see the lights of the cars going home in the evening rush hour as I perused my favourite erotica. I planned a long slow wank before heading out to eat, so I lubed up the silicone sleeve described in my last post and slid my erect cock into it. It felt fantastic and as the nodules on the inside of the sleeve caressed the head of my shaft, the entrance pushed the loose skin around my cock back to the base of the shaft, giving an incredible feeling.

After about an hour of watching some beautiful women masturbate in front of camera, I settled on a clip of a curvy busty woman sliding a rampant rabbit into her pussy. I didn't stop pumping as my climax approached. My balls tightened, my body stiffened and my orgasm hit me hard. i gasped out and squirted hard several times into the sleeve. The cum ran down my shaft and dribbled onto my balls. Getting my breath back I jumped into the shower to clean up.

Afterwards, wrapped only in a towel, I found snother clip - this time just a head shot of a woman who is getting fucked doggy style by her man. The looks on her face tell you everything about their lovemaking. I got hard again and opted for a quick and simple hand job, pumping the loose skin of my shaft up and down. On the upstroke, it jiggled my balls hanging below and the soft skin wrapped over the sensitive helmet ridge. On the downstroke, I imagined sliding into her from behind as the skin went taut at the bottom of the stroke.

Once again, I came in a blissful orgasm.

After dinner....

It was later on and I felt the potential for a 3rd ejaculation that night (haven't done that in a while). Feeling a bit tender after a whole hour of direct stimulation on my cock head, I squirted some lube into a condom and rolled it over my hard penis. The lube allows free movement around the tip and feels lovely. Once again I fed my cock into the silicone sleeve and tucked it underneath the mattress for a hands free 'doggy style' humping. I selected a suitable clip showing the delightful buttocks of a female masturbatrix and pumped away. The lubed up condom did the trick giving delightfully slippery sensations to my bell end until once again, I felt my prostate contract and I shot my seed deep into the condom, imaging of course that I was massaging the young lady's cervix with my cock deep inside her vagina and my sperm had soaked her insides.

I can't wait for my trips to London (early March) or Newcastle (this week) for more fun either solo or possibly with friends....