Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas (part 1)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! I hope you are all having a restful time (I am still in pyjamas at lunchtime). I thought I would share 12 different ways for a woman to reach an orgasm. Also happens to be lovely viewing! Many of these require batteries so I hope you had plenty in to keep you going! Enjoy

Day 1 - Fingers. Don;t underestimate the joy of diddling yourself with fingers to reach a festive fanfare of an orgasm...

Day 2 - Lots of toys! If Santa brought you lots, why not use them all at once? Slip one up yur bum and another vibrator on your clit. It seems to work for her;

Day 3 - invite a friend over. Slip a double ender dildo up both your pussies and grind your clits together to cum together.

Day 4 - get some fresh air. And if it's not too cold outside, find a quiet spot, pull down your pants and buzz yourself off for an al fresco climax.

Day 5 - The Rabbit. Who needs a turkey or a goose when you've got a Rampant Rabbit? Slip it in your hot oven and turn up the heat for a satisfying result.

Day 6 - Dressing up. It always adds to the sense of occasion when you make an effort to look good...the effort will always be noticed...

Day 7 - Sausage stuffing - for the very greedy!

Day 8 - and the not so greedy (although she seems to be making light work of 10 inches of fake sausage)

Day 9 - when the batteries run out go for a power tool. This one isn't Black & Decker though. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a mains powered vibrator of the highest order. This one is her mums that she borrows when she's out shopping. Toe curling orgasms guaranteed!

Day 10 - Get a friend to lend a hand, whether it's being poked doggy style to a thunderous climax or having your clit buzzed with a pocket rocket, 2 can be more fun than 1 sometimes.

Day 11 - Eating out. Nothing like watching someone go down on you.

Day 12 - even if you are alone, take the time to really enjoy your new toy.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!