Friday, 30 October 2009

First cum in a week / Hotel hobbies

Been off work and under the weather but now I have a day off, had a lie in and am feeling proper horny for the first time in ages. I feel like my balls are full, my cock is throbbing and I want to unload a huge wad of cum

I wish I had this beautiful lady to come over with her gorgeous long hair and ripe boobs.

I'd shoot my cum over her, aiming for her face and leaving my sperm dribbling over her tits.

I stayed at a hotel in London last weekend. Small single bed and my cute female work colleague was in the room next door. I love (the rather dirty idea) of having the chambermaid come in and find a scene of the aftermath of good sex in a hotel room (and maybe even get turned on by it). Maybe it's my voyeuristic nature gone wild. So as my colleague was awake in the next room the next morning, I knelt naked on the bed, watched myself in the mirror and wanked off. I came with a loud gasp and shot my load onto the sheets in the midle of the bed. I milked every drop and wiped my dick on the crsip white fabric.

As I left the room, the large wet patch was clearly visible in the middle of the ruffled bed for the chambermaid to see.

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