Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Two Very Different Orgasms...

1. The wank I alluded to earlier after a long time of abstinence was over a bit too soon as you can imagine. I settled back and watched a beautiful woman with large boobs bring herself to shuddering orgasm with a small vibrator and her fingers. As she cam, so did I. I could feel the orgasm rising in me without having to touch my cock anymore. It rose up and the spunk puored out of the slit in the top of my cock like someone had opened up a slightly shaken fizzy drink. No spurts ( so I guess no powerful urethral contractions) but my full up prostate just contracted and a steady stream of spunk flowed out over my helmet for a full five seconds as my body emptied itself. I had to reach for a second tissue...wow

2. The other night I could not sleep so I lay in bed thinking about how drowsy its possible to get post-orgasm. I gently stroked my shaft until it grew harder. I lay totally still just stroking and thinking back to the most erotic encounters I could:

That gang bang where me and 2 other guys played with a buxom woman called Sally. How I got her to suck me and me asking her where she'd like my cum. She gave me the choice so I told her I was going to cum in her mouth and I did.

The first time a woman sucked me off and swallowed - Angela on her knees in a dorm room with other guys sleeping while she blew me off.

In America, with that horse riding instructor who I tied up and tickled and teased before licking her from the back of her neck to her belly button and everything in between.

Soon I could feel an orgasm approaching and when it hit me the intensity was amazing - quite the opposite of the one above. It realy knocked me for six. Remonded me of my first ever orgasm when my legs went all pins and needles and I couldn't move them.

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