Thursday, 6 May 2010

Erotic Fiction - The Human Breeding Program


The year is 2876. Mankind is plagued by a virus, which has left 99.9% of all males sterile. To safeguard the future of the human race a select few of the remaining men – those with the healthiest and most numerous sperm – have been segregated out and live pampered lives in breeding colonies to impregnate women.

Any women wanting children must abstain from any sexual contact with the remaining male population (sterile ‘drones’) for fear of passing on the virus to the fertile “Donor Inseminators” or D.I.s.

These women (“Recipient Mothers” or R.M.s) have their first sexual contact aged 18 with a D.I. and continue until they have at least 4 children. They are catalogued and assessed by doctors and booked an insemination meeting with a D.I. when they ovulate.

D.I.s must be ready to impregnate at least 3 R.M.s per day 7 days per week and undertake a strict regime of healthy living, eating and exercise to facilitate healthy sperm and sufficient ejaculations.

D.I.s only have sex with allocated R.M.s.
Every ejaculation must be inside a R.M. or collected for artificial inseminationMasturbation and ejaculating in any other orifice other than the vagina is forbidden.

A Donor Inseminator’s Diary:

R.M. WS 764 239 878
Age 24
Pregnancies: 3

WS was waiting for me in her bed chamber. They all get a suite to live in while their cycle is tracked by the doctors. The R.M. has a private bedroom. Children from previous pregnancies stay in adjacent playrooms to be close to their mothers. I never quite get used to impregnating the R.M. while hearing her children playing nearby. If she conceives, WS will be my 2,000th .

She was wearing the standard white dressing gown and she opened it for me as we exchanged pleasantries sitting on the bed. She told me that she already had two little boys and she would dearly love a girl. I said I couldn’t guarantee to manage that and we laughed. I could see the longing in her eyes. Was it for just for another child or also for me? Mothers with four children were respected and well looked after by the state.

“It’s nearly time,” I said and she nodded. I reached inside her gown and caressed her full breasts. I played with her nipples and she said they were very sensitive now. That was good sign. We kissed tentatively and she relaxed to my touch as I played with her breasts. We eased the gown off her and we were both naked. She looked down at my erection, which stood vertically up towards my navel. She took it in her hand and commented on my size. Bending down she took me in her mouth and sucked on its head. It felt great but I was scared she’d tease me too much and make me cum in her mouth. I lifted her head and she looked like a child deprived of a toy.

“Lay back” I instructed her. Kneeling between her legs, I guided my cock to her labia. I could smell her juices and the pheromone smell of her ovulation. I eased myself in gently and allowed her to get used to me with a couple of shallow strokes.

As I finally entered her fully, and our bodies met, I felt my balls rest on her bottom and my cock head nestle by her cervix. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs came up onto my hips as I worked an insistent rhythm driving into her body. I concentrated on allowing myself to relax towards orgasm before I got too tired.

She whispered into my ear “Please, make it a girl, for me”

She embraced me and my orgasm welled up in me, shot up my legs and exploded in my groin. I held myself deep in her as I came, shooting six or seven pulses of semen into her. I tried to align myself to shoot directly towards her womb and I am sure this helps the R.M.s to conceive.

We lay together and as I softened, I milked the last drops from my shaft into her. I told her to lie still for a while. She smiled and thanked me. As I reached for my gown, she pointed out a drip of semen on the end of my cock. “Will they use that drop too?” I laughed and said no. She looked at me directly as asked if she could taste it. Nervous of the CCTV I knew filmed some appointments, I whispered for her to take it on her finger. She reached over and took the drip from the tip and quickly lapped it up. “Thank you” she said “You taste lovely”

As I left WS, I collected the folder for my next appointment in 2 hours time. A first timer. I headed for a shower and to get some food.

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