Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Human Breeding part 2

R.M. TB 898 173 385
Age 18
Pregnancies: none (First appointment with D.I.)

I felt invigorated after lunch and a shower and ready for my next appointment. I knocked and TB invited me in. She looked young and a bit nervous. I introduced myself and we sat on the bed and chatted. She was pretty and had a firm young body, which began to arouse me. I asked if she ever masturbated and she replied that she had and it was fun. When I enquired if anyone had ever licked her down there she shook her head and looked quizzical. “Does that feel nice then?” “Want to find out?” I replied and she nodded with a smile.

I got her to lay back and told her to relax, her gown fell open and I gently spread her soft thighs. I kissed the tops of her legs and after a while moved toward her pussy. My tongue probed between her lips and tasted the liquid evidence of her rising excitement. I lapped around her lips and clit and gently stroked her as TB’s breathing got heavier and heavier.

I slipped a finger into her and curled it upwards towards her G spot which she seemed to like judging by the mewing sounds she was now making. After another couple of minutes she came, crying out loud and squirming against my tongue.

I gave her a minute to recover and she looked up at me, her face all flushed and beaded with sweat. “Wow” was all she said. “Ready to begin?” and she nodded.

By now I was fully hard and kneeling between her legs I rubbed my cock head between her pussy lips. She twitched every time it brushed her clit. I eased myself in gently and her mouth fell open and let out a soft moan. She was really tight since she was a virgin but wet enough for me to slide in almost all the way. I lay over her and we moved our hips together. TB was really relaxing into it and enjoying making love for the first time. We even kissed as she urged her hips back at my gentle thrusts.

I knew I would come soon, so I changed angle to rub against her clit more and her face started to take on that ‘almost there’ look. Another couple of thrusts and she climaxed and I let go, shooting my sperm into her virgin pussy.

As she caught her breath, I carefully pulled out, not wanting to spill anything from her tight pussy.
I gave TB a long kiss, covered her over with the sheet and left.

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