Sunday, 12 July 2009

Another lube trial - egg white!

Yes you heard right. I had often wondered what the slippy white of an egg would feel like on my cock so I decided to find out. I was a bit concerned it might end up like a meringuey mess.

Carefully I separated out the white from the yolk. I decided to contain it in a latex sleeve I use for wanking. I slipped my cock in and it was lovely and slippery. Certainly good mrks for the feel and slipperiness of it. I tried regular wanking with it but it did tend to dry up quite quick;y so I reverted to thrusting into the egg-white filled latex sleeve. It flet great and my cock was swelling up really hard and looking very red and big on the head so I knew I wouldn't last much longer. The slipperiness of the egg-white in the smooth latex sleeve (actually a rubber swimming sock) felt quite realistic and I imagined being balls deep in my favourite pussy, feeling my cock head swirl around the depths of her channel, brushing her cervix in a way that tips me over the edge....and I came hard, shooting 3 long spurts of my protein into the egg white protein.

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