Sunday, 19 July 2009

Welcome Home!

As you know I was away for a week and missing my special lady (hence all the wanking!). I was dog tired when I got back so I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to anything when I got home. However, just seeing her beautiful face and holding her close reminded me how right we are for one another (and how she turns me on).

We went upstairs and lay on the bed and kissed and stroked one another. I love her big boobs and spent a long time gently kissing and licking around her nipples before taking them into my mouth to suck and pull on with my lips. She loves this and soon she was getting wet. I kissed down her belly and nuzzled amongst her soft hair. My tongue snaked through her lips and found her swelling clitoris amidst the slick lips.

I spent ages licking her pussy (I had missed her!) and after a while I slipped a finger inside and moved it around, first playing with her sensitive entrance and then curling upwards to her G spot whilst I lapped at her clitoris. Soon she came and I kept fingering her as she came to make her orgasm last longer.

She was too sensitive for any more foreplay (although I would have happily licked her some more) so I climbed up the bed, my hard on running up the inside of her thigh until it met the warm damp entrance it sought. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her softly and eased my cock into her just a little.

I moved in and out a little to get my shaft wet with her juices and proceeded to push in and out of her tight wet pussy as I relished the feeling of her around my cock. If I don’t penetrate her fully I can thrust away for ages, so I concentrated on enjoying being inside her and making sure that my cock rubbed against her clit as I went in and out.

I wanted to cum in her so I shifted position and entered her completely. I love the feeling of being balls deep inside her. I think it must pull my foreskin back (which heightens sensation at the tip) and also, as I am not going in and out in thrusts, the tip of my cock swirls around in the depths of her vagina, brushing against her cervix and there is a part of me that when touched by her, makes me climax.

So I was fully inside her, holding her, kissing her, feeling like I was pinning to the bed with my cock deep inside her when I began to cum. I gasped out and arched my back forward, pushing hard into her as I shot my load inside her. My body spasmed several times, each time, unloading more cum into her until I was spent.
We kissed and cuddled. It’s good to be home!

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