Monday, 6 July 2009

Welcome one and all!

Inspired by wonderful blogs (see my list) I have finally joined here. I used to blog at Heaven Blogs (hello again Robin!) but that site is defunct.

I intend to record and share my thoughts, desires, fantasies and experiences that distract me from the mundane parts of the working day (hence the title - well I thought it sounded clever)

I will touch upon what turns me on and how I like to get off and get others off (for the masturbation conoisseurs out there).

I will continue a feature from my old blog "Lube / not lube" for those who like to experiment with lubrication.
Very occasionally I will share little gems from the web that I think are a bit better than the norm. What I really like is for a woman to enjoy herself totally and be satisfied (ahh what a gent!) and a proper female orgasm always turns me on. This photo from a movie I have shows that when you are truly having a great time, it rarely looks flattering - but hey!
Do say hi

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