Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Orgasm Slot

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

When I should have been in the garden or repairing something, I have been writing a long saucy story for a lady who I hope will appreciate it. So I am very turned on now.
A feature of this blog is that while I do share some porn / erotic material (call it what you will) I prefer the more genuine stuff, no faked orgasms or unconvincing 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

If I post an orgasm pic here, I guarantee it is a capture of a genuine orgasm on the video. It's just so much more erotic seeing someone actually cum.

I love the way that these two women are staring into each others eyes. The one doing the rubbing is the more experienced of the two and is taking control and bringing her partner off to a back arching climax that we see in the second photo. There is something quite intense in looking into someones eyes and holding their gaze as you approach and then achieve orgasm. That's what one lover told me as we held each others gaze & attention as I was up on straight arms thrusting into her and she watched me as I came inside her.

Anyway, enjoy these two photos;
She whispers and holds the other girl's gaze as she expertly rubs her pussy.

She cums hard, her back arching and hands clutching the sheet as she climaxes


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