Saturday, 18 July 2009

Proper cum face

I love this husband & wife couple from the internet. She is pretty, buxom and adores oral sex and her hubby's sperm. She turns herself on by playing with her large tits as he films her. She cups them, tweaks her nipples and squeezes her boobs.

Then he fucks her on their bed. He is muscular and quite well endowed. He lifts her ankles up over his shoulders and eases his shaft into her exposed pussy. He gazes into her eyes as he slides deep into her until his balls touch her arse cheeks.
After a while they move to her favourite position - doggy style. Soon she is having her first orgasm - here is her cum face as she climaxes with him pounding into her.

After she cums, she lays on the bed and helps him wank off onto her face. She loves the smell and feel of his spunk on her face. He cums ropes of sperm that collect on her face.

Then he uses his cockhead to rub his cum all over her face. He rubs it on both cheeks, around her mouth and over her top lip so she can smell him every time she inhales.

Now covered in her husbands ejaculated semen, she holds a vibrator against her clitoris and

lets it take her to ecstacy. She is so turned on she doesn't need to rub or insert it. She just holds it against herself through her underwear. She climaxes a second time as the vibrator tips her over the edge. Her eyes roll back and her neck arches in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

As she climaxes, she breathes faster and deeper and the aphrodisiac scent of her husbands cum fills her nostrils every time, adding to her pleasure.

Finally she stops cumming, opens her eyes and looks up at her husband.She relaxes and a smile comes to her face.

Eventually she can sit up, still feeling light headed after her orgasm and still with her husband's cum on her face, she turns off the vibrator.

Hope you enjoyed that!

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  1. Just love Wifey, she really loves a good face full!