Sunday, 26 July 2009

What got me off today

Sunday: a bout of morning sex with the special lady was nice (but I am never fully awake first thing in the morning!) and now she has gone out, I am horny again.

I am going to write more fantasy fiction for the lady blogger after this (which will no doubt get me rock hard again) but in the meantime, enjoy these photos featuring a woman who adores oral sex and swallowing. I think for men there is something fascinating about the act of swallowing as it accepts (and is eager for) the very liquid essence of our masculinity.

This is Bek. She is married but not to the guy you will see later on. First she plays with herself for his delight, sliding a vibrator into her pussy and rubbing her clit. Here she is about to cum.

The guy gets hard and Bek sucks him off. Now this guy is a very heavy cummer and Bek likes to feel a man cum in her mouth. His first spurts take her by surprise, splashing her face and chest with force.

As he continues to ejaculate hard, Bek catches every spurt in her mouth and it pools under her tongue which is lapping at the underside of his cock. Her hands pump his shaft to milk every last drop from him.

I love the way she looks up at him with big eyes. By now this guy has cum very hard into the mouth of another man's wife and knows that she is holding his sperm in her mouth and doesn't want to waste a drop of his juice. His first spurt of cum is now rolling down her cheek like a tear.

Still holding his cock, she has a mouthful of cum and she swallows it down.

All gone!

She smiles - happy guy and happy lady!

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