Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Definitely lube!

This one is definitely a good masturbation lube. A shaving oil that contains menthol to coll the skin when shaving. As an oil it is nice and slippery around the exposed head of my cock and the menthol added a cooling tingle that was rather nice. As an oil it won't dry out so you donlt have to stop stroking or in this case yesterday, rubbing my first two fingers in an upturned "V" over the exposed helmet ridge on my cock.

It gives a fantastic feeling - really sensitive - the best way I can describe it is like white noise - lots of sensation - and here's the great part - it doesn;t seem to stimulate the nerves that make you cum too quick! So I can rub away and edge for ages until eventually I cum in the most powerful spurts.

Nuage Shaving Oil, 99p at your local chemists and innocent looking in your bathroom cabinet or washbag!

Share and enjoy!

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  1. GD, I wonder if Superdrug stock this....sounds fabulous especially the menthol - mmmm! Enjoying the blog xx